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My everyday rings: a bezel-set diamond ring which was my mother-in-law's engagement ring. On my pinky, a Victorian gypsy-set ring given to me by my husband on our 1st married Christmas.

Other pinky: my dad's gold baby ring with a teeny tiny diamond marked 1959, I think this was an Italian Long Island given-to-the-firstborn-son thing. And a 1909 acrostic ring spelling out "Shaboobie" (one of the many many nicknames for my Goldendoodle/only child Shea). So many of my rings involve gypsy and bezel settings; they're beautiful but they're also super strong. I never ever take my rings off so I need pieces that can handle some wear and tear. 

My engagement ring's a thick rose gold Victorian band with a bezel-set diamond center and gypsy settings on either side. This will always be my most prized piece of jewelry, I remember when we got it into the shop, I saw it and was like that is MY ring! Everyone at EWJ convinced me that it was sold off to some other lucky girl, so being proposed to with the ring 4 months later was the one of the happiest surprises ever. I get an array of reactions to it, people either love it or feel confused by its uniqueness- but that's exactly why I love it so much. My wedding band was made to match- it's a custom white gold band with 9 gypsy set diamonds.