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Is it pronounced "WEE-NER" or "WHY-NER"?
It's "WEE-NER." Like Oscar Mayer. Don't be afraid to say it.


When can I expect to receive my jewelry?

Within the US: Domestic orders totaling less than $500 are shipped via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation for $6. Domestic orders totaling more than $500 are shipped via USPS Express Mail with Delivery, Signature Confirmation and Insurance for $25. Allow 2-3 weeks to receive your order. Please note that if you are buying a piece from the 1909 collection, or you have purchased an antique ring that needs re-sizing, your order may take longer to get to you. Check your item's product page for specific shipping fulfillment timelines. 

Outside the US: International orders totaling less than $150 are shipped via USPS Global Priority for $25 and orders totaling more than $150 are shipped via USPS Global Express Mail for $50, with the exception of Canada. Canadian orders under $500 are sent via USPS Global Priority for $20. Canadian orders $500 and over are sent via USPS Global Express for $35.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for order fulfillment and delivery. Please note that certain pieces may require additional lead times. Additional import, customs, and sales taxes may be added in accordance with your country's specific requirements. 

It's been four weeks and there's no sign of my jewelry. HELP!
Despite the unbelievable volume of mail that it processes every day, the United States Postal Service is amazingly reliable, speedy and cost-effective. Occasionally a package can get stuck or mistakenly re-routed, resulting in delays that can make it seem like it's gone missing. However, in the past seven years of using USPS for all of our shipping needs, we find that this is very rarely the case. Therefore, we like to wait at least eight weeks before declaring a package permanently lost. Thanks for being patient. In addition, please make sure your shipping address is correct. Orders that are returned because of an invalid address may incur a shipping charge if they are reshipped. After an order has been delivered to the correct shipping address, we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Can I track my package?
Yes. An email will arrive when your order ships with your package’s tracking information. (But make sure to check your SPAM account - sometimes they end up there.) Please note that orders shipped using USPS Global Priority Mail are provided with a Customs number. This number can be used to track your package through USPS within the United States only.

I'm in a rush! Can you expedite shipping on my order?
We do not offer express or overnight shipping. Plan ahead and order early, or visit our stockists list to find a retailer near you who may carry the item you need. If you are a last-minute gift-buyer, purchase a gift certificate on our website and print the voucher.


What's your environmental policy? 
The clear plastic-like bags we use to package our jewelry are made from corn.  They're biodegradable and compostable.  We reuse shipping materials whenever possible.  We don't print a paper receipt for every order - that wastes tons of paper.  Your emailed receipt is more environmentally friendly and harder to misplace.  

I'm sending this jewelry as a gift. What does the packaging look like?  
Our EWcollection jewelry will be packaged in a black paper jewelry box that's stamped with our Erica Weiner logo. We don't send a box for each item you order, but double up jewelry in boxes to help out the environment. If you need additional boxes for gift-giving, let us know in the "notes" section at checkout. Engagement, antique and “1909” rings come in a proposal-worthy leatherette flip-top box with the Erica Weiner logo embossed in gold inside the lid. Both are very pretty, but we also can gift-wrap your order for an additional $5. If you’d prefer a gift receipt included with your order, please write "Gift Receipt" in the "notes" field at checkout.
I live in New York City. Can I just come pick up my order?
You ordered something online, but don't want it shipped?  No problem.  Indicate in the “message” section that you’re coming in one of our NYC shops.  We'll hold your jewelry and refund your shipping fee.  Let us know which store is more convenient—our shop in Nolita, in downtown Manhattan; or our Boerum Hill, Brooklyn shop. For more information, you can email us at store@ericaweiner.com. If you'd like to talk to a human, call (212) 334-6383 (Nolita) or (718) 855-2555 (Boerum Hill).


Do you make this stuff?  

Yes! Erica started assembling this affordable, beloved line of irreverent jewelry almost ten years ago, out of her apartment's kitchen.  It's still all made in New York, but now in a slightly bigger space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Erica doesn't make every piece herself anymore - a core group of talented, wonderful ladies do it all.  

Is it vintage or what?  
Yes, about half of the chain, charms, and findings we use were made in New England factories in the 20th century.  When these factories moved their operations overseas, their surplus jewelry parts were put into storage, and we dig through these warehouses to find weird, gorgeous stuff.  We combine the vintage parts with some new chains, charms, and findings to make the jewelry in our collection.  Sometimes we add a surface treatment, like powder-coating (it looks like paint) or electroplating (this is when a thin layer of real gold or silver is applied to  cover the non-precious metal).  We also make some of our own pendants from scratch by casting found objects, like our Raptor Talon Necklace, for example, or hand carving wax to make pendants such as our Scarab Necklace.

My friend has a necklace that I want, but it’s not on your site anymore.  Can I still buy one?
Sorry.  Our jewelry designs are made in limited runs.  It’s all luck when you shop for dead-stock parts: sometimes we find 20 great vintage charms and make 20 necklaces.  Sometimes we find a huge stash of vintage bracelet links and we can sell that bracelet style for years.  Buy early and often.  Or get on our mailing list, where you will hear about our twice-yearly online sample sales.  Sometimes we resurrect an old style if we've got the parts kicking around.  

My brass necklace/ring turned my skin green! What do I do?
Brass leaves green or grey tarnish on some peoples' skin.  If you know in advance that your skin reacts adversely to brass, then a plated, sterling silver, or solid gold item may be a better choice for you.  Avoid wearing your brass jewelry in the shower, while sleeping or exercising, and remove rings before washing your hands.  We’ve been told that a layer of clear nail polish or clear spray paint can provide a barrier between the brass and your skin, halting the tarnishing process.  This works on earring posts too, to discourage mild metal allergies. 

How do I clean brass?
Brass jewelry may acquire a dark, antique-y patina with repeated wear. While we love the way this looks, you may not. To restore a brand-new shiny luster, use a commercial brass cleaner, like “JAX”, which is available at many jewelry stores and online.  Jewelry polishing cloths work well too, but don’t use them on gold- or silver- plated finishes, as it can abrade the thin layer of plating right off.  Another old-fashioned trick to clean brass is to smear it with ketchup, wait a few minutes, and then rinse it off. There’s something about the acid and sugar that de-tarnishes the metal. Good luck!

What are these earring hooks/ posts made of? I have really sensitive ears.
The majority of our under $100 earrings are made with 14K gold-plated brass hooks. For people with sensitive skin, check the product description and choose a style that has sterling silver or gold-filled posts.  Or see above for the clear-nail-polish trick.  

The surface of my silver/gold plated jewelry is fading/chipping. Can you re-plate it for me?
While it is well nigh impossible for us to ask our platers - who are accustomed to producing very LARGE batches of gold- and silver-plated items - to re-plate a single piece, we want your jewels to remain shiny and beautiful for as long as possible. We are therefore really happy to replace your faded or chipped items with brand-spanking new ones, free of charge (up to one year from the date of purchase). In some instances - the Letterpress Necklace, for example - the replacement item might be slightly different than your original jewel, but we assure you it will be just as lovingly designed and made as the previous one.


Where do you find all these gorgeous things?  
Lindsay and Erica spend a lot of time traveling the world to find antique pieces from all different time periods. Estate sales, a few trusted dealers, and rural antique centers are our favorite places to find treasures. Recently we've been traveling to the UK and exploring the countryside, shopping along the way. 
How often do you acquire new antiques? 
Often. At least once a month. If you want to see what's newest, follow us on instagram. Or better yet, visit one or both of our stores.  Antiques go there before they're posted online, and lots of our vintage jewels never even make it to our website - they're only for sale in our shops.  

How long does ring re-sizing take?  
Re-sizing generally takes a week, sometimes two. You will receive notification once your ring has been sized and shipped. See the shipping information above for when you should expect to receive your ring after it has been sent off to you.

How do I know this is really an antique and not a reproduction?  
At this point in our experience, we can tell right away if an antique has been “faked”.  There are telltale signs that we look out for, and we have lots of resources to date jewelry pretty accurately.  

What if a stone becomes loose or falls out of my ring? 
All of our rings are checked by an expert in antique jewelry restoration.  He tightens or re-sets any loose stones before we sell a piece to you, so you shouldn’t have any problems.  However, on the off chance a stone becomes loose or falls out we will, of course, replace or fix it for free within a month of purchase.  If it's been more than a month, bring it back to one of our stores.  We will review the damage and possible cause with our jeweler, and contact you with an estimate for the repair. 

But this isn't fair!  Isn't a diamond "forever"?  
Please take note that our antique jewelry is sold in "as is" condition.  Jewelry, like all material, is susceptible to damage and requires thoughtful wear.  We recommend removing all jewelry, especially rings, in situations when abnormal contact is expected.  

Why don’t you give us info on “The Four C’s” of the antique diamonds?  Isn’t that really important information?  
We will always give you the Carat weight, because you should know how BIG your stone is.  Cut?  That’s important too, because it usually can help put your stone into a historical timeline.  Color?  We’ll tell you if your diamond is tinted.  Clarity is something we don’t get too obsessive about on stones smaller than half a carat.  We would never buy or sell you a ring with a diamond that’s horribly cloudy, chipped, or cracked.  We love a clear stone, but especially with the REALLY old ones, we consider flaws to be charming.  For diamonds larger than half a carat, we provide a diamond certificate from European Gemological Laboratory.

Do you do engraving?
Yes! Please email us for styles and pricing. 

I have a bunch of old jewelry, can you tell me how much it’s worth?
Nope. Sorry, we don’t do this for a number of reasons.  Find an appraiser in your area to help you out with this.

Can you put my great-grandmother’s diamond into a different setting?
You are so lucky to have an heirloom in the family!  But we don't currently do this kind of work. 

I have a bunch of old jewelry, do you want to buy it?
We do not purchase pieces from individual sellers.

I bought an antique piece from you a few months/years ago and no longer want it/the engagement is off.  I understand your return policy won't allow me to bring it back or exchange it, but will you buy it back at a discounted rate? 

ABOUT "1909"

What does “1909” mean?
We chose this name for our fine jewelry line because it was an exciting era in fashion, and Erica’s paternal grandmother was born that year in a tenement apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Known for her storytelling and her jewelry, she was an extremely stylish, tough, and funny lady, and is Erica’s inspiration.  

Are these antiques?  Reproductions of antiques?
They are modified re-creations of some of our favorite antique pieces that have come and gone through our shop.  When we find a piece of jewelry that we can’t part with, we note our favorite aspects of it to use as a starting point.  We add or take away or an element of the design that we think would work better for everyday wear, or we just make a stylistic change to update the look.  If you are thinking about investing in one of our 1909 pieces and want to know more about it, ask us.  

What if a stone falls out of the setting?  What if I ran over my ring with my truck and now it's all bent? 
Things happen.  Contact Lindsay and she'll help you get it repaired.

Are these "blood diamonds"?  
A huge part of our company’s mission is to do the right thing for the earth and the people living on it.  So we make sure to use recycled stones whenever we can.  All of our turquoise and garnets are antique, mostly taken from Victorian jewelry that was sold for scrap and dismantled.  We like the way old-cut diamonds look better than new ones, so we search NYC’s diamond district for gems that date from the 1920’s and before.  Although there’s no way of knowing any diamond’s exact history, we feel confident working with recycled diamonds, as this prevents us from investing in the current and future labor and mining practices that give “blood diamonds” their name.

Can I customize my 1909 piece?
In many cases, yes! The Atomic Ring, for example, looks great in platinum with a bigger diamond. We can custom-make your piece with the metal of your choice (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum) and different stones (black diamonds, turquoise, sapphires, rubies, and more). Email lindsaylindsay@ericaweiner.com with your request and we can give you a quote on your dream jewel, which will include a small, but very reasonable custom fee. 


What’s your return/exchange policy? 
 If you receive your jewelry from our EW Jewelry collection (these are the pieces that are $200 and under) and it's not what you expected or you're unhappy with it for any reason, you can return unworn jewelry to us within two weeks of delivery for an exchange or a refund (minus the cost of shipping).  
All items under $2500 may be returned in original condition within 7 days of delivery receipt or exchanged within 14 days.  All jewelry $2500 and over may be exchanged for store credit only within 14 days of delivery receipt. Returns will not be accepted after two weeks under any circumstances.
All returned or exchanged items must be accompanied by the original receipt.  Made-to-order pieces, including 1909 items and recycled metal bands, are FINAL SALE - no returns, no exchanges. Once a piece has been altered, including ring re-sizing, it is also FINAL SALE.
You can mail your return to us in a PADDED ENVELOPE or BOX. (Jewelry will tear through a paper envelope! We aren't responsible for jewelry lost in the mail due to torn envelopes) at:

Erica Weiner Jewelry
1425 SW 20th Avenue Suite 203
Portland, OR 97201
Enclose your receipt or a record of purchase such as your order number. 
Can I purchase a single earring?
Yes, for half the price of the pair.  Email us so we can tell you the procedure for doing this.
What if I propose and she says "No"?
Ouch. Please see above for our return policy on antiques, re-sized rings and 1909 collection.


We offer free repairs on non-antique (EWJ collection) jewelry purchased within one year of purchase date, and on antique jewelry within 30 days of purchase date. Mail it to us in a PADDED ENVELOPE or BOX (jewelry will rip through paper envelopes! We aren't responsible for jewelry lost in the mail due to torn envelopes) at:

Erica Weiner Jewelry
1425 SW 20th Avenue Suite 203
Portland, OR 97201

Enclose your request, return address, and contact info. Please allow 3-4 weeks for repairs.


Can you make a custom-designed piece for me?
Sorry, we don’t offer custom pieces. Maybe in the future, but now we’re just too busy keeping up with our normal collection.
I love one of your necklaces, but I want it to be on a shorter chain. How much will this cost?
You want a shorter chain? You mean a CUSTOM chain? We chose our necklace lengths because we think that they’re pretty perfect the way they are.  You can buy a necklace as it is and have the chain customized locally, or shorten it yourself using DIY methods.  If you want a longer chain, you can add on one (or more) of our chain extenders.  


I'm a stylist/editor/blogger. Can I borrow pieces for a shoot?
Of course. We love lending and we love free press. We can't donate pieces for giveaways right now, though, sorry. Email magazineshowroom@gmail.com for details about how to borrow.