1930s Alfred Jewel Souvenir Brooch

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MATERIALS: sterling silver, enamel

AGE: Birmingham assay marks for 1934

SIZE: 2" x 1 1/8".

This is a silver replica of the famous "Alfred Jewel" currently in the Ashmolean Museum. The inscription is 'Aelfred mec heht gewyrcan' which means 'Alfred ordered me to be made'. The original aestel (made of gold) dates to the late 9th century, but several similar ones have been found; the Anglo-Saxon king sent them to important church members throughout his land. What's an "aestel", you ask? It's a handle for a pointer which you'd use to follow the words on a page. Apparently there are Victorian era souvenir copies kicking around but this one is from the 1930s which is unusual.