Baby Tooth Necklace

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((about))Your baby just lost her first tooth. What more precious jewel exists? We'll take that cute little gem and set it in a gold mount so you can remember her this way forever. After you purchase this sweet, sentimental necklace, we'll get in touch to you with instructions on how to mail us your toothy jewel. 


  • Materials: 14k gold, your baby's tooth. 
  • Size: 16" chain, mounted tooth varies, but about 1/2" long
  • Lead time: once you mail us your tooth, we will carefully create a cone-shaped mounting to fit it. This will take 3-4 weeks. 
  • DISCLAIMER: Teeth are prone to cracking, breaking, and splitting when put under stress. They are brittle. In developing this necklace, we found that about 20% of the time the tooth we're working with spontaneously breaks. You must understand that there's a chance, though we work as carefully and respectfully as we can, that your baby's tooth might be damaged beyond repair.  We will be heartbroken too and of course will refund your purchase in the unlikely event that this happens. If you have TWO baby teeth to send us, this is ideal. We'll return the one that we don't use. 

((inspiration))Before antibiotics, when maternal and pediatric medicine meant many babies didn't survive infancy, the loss of a first tooth was a celebratory moment. It means they'd passed those critical first months without disaster, and their survival rate increased dramatically after that. The sentimental Georgians and Victorians often took these "milk teeth", as they were called then, and set them into joyful jewelry. What more personal souvenir could exist? Before you could scroll through a zillion photos of your kiddo on your iphone, before photography even was imagined, a milk tooth jewel was a way to keep your baby close to your heart.