Dice / Fortune Amulet

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Keep a tiny set of vintage dice on hand for impromptu gambling sessions. The box-shaped charm's lid opens and snaps closed to keep the cubes safe and secure. These plastic/celluloid dice are vintage, probably made in the 1950's for just this purpose. (Dice charms were hugely popular in midcentury America). Their novelty hasn't worn off - wear our version as a talisman for good fortune, or as a reminder that our lives are governed by chance and luck.  
  • Made by hand in our Brooklyn studio.  
  • Materials: 10k gold box, vintage plastic dice, gold fill chain.  
  • Measurements:  Hinged box is 12mm x 8mm. Total necklace length is 18".     


"Not only does God play dice, but he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen." - Steven Hawking.