Early Victorian Gemstone Pansy Necklace

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This early Victorian pendant is fashioned in she shape of a pansy with pale amethyst and citrine petals, an aquamarine ovule, and an emerald punctuating the its leaves. The name “pansy” derives from the French word “pensee” which means “thought.” Ever big on subtlety, the Victorians devised an entire symbolic language of flowers to express hidden thoughts and feelings. For example, a Victorian gentleman could express that he was thinking of his love by presenting her with a pansy - and she would understand what that meant! (Giving a pansy to a gentleman was considered bad luck). In fact, the pansy was considered to have magical love-inducing powers. The Celts and Ancient Greeks used the juice of a pansy as a love potion, and this floral elixir of amore even makes an appearance in A Midsummer Nights Dream.