Early Victorian Per Ignem Per Gladium Agate Intaglio Ring

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MATERIALS: 14k gold (tests), daisy-shaped banded agate intaglio

AGE: c. 1840

SIZE: size 5.5, can. be resized; 1/2" head, 2mm shank.

This ring was dug up from a field in England by an amateur metal detectorist in Lincolnsire on December 2, 2018. (It was registered with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, which is the law when you find buried treasure in the UK.) We researched the beserk crest -"a cubit arm in armour issuing feesewise from clouds, holding a sword and hilt over flames of fire issuant the wreath" and found it was designed for William-Earle Welby Esq. when he was made a Baronet in June 1801. The motto "per igneum per gladium" translates to "by the sword, by fire".