Jeweled Bat Necklace

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((about))A diamond-encrusted gold bat is suspended from fine golden chains. Her body is a natural pearl, and her eyes glitter fiercely. Originally I made this piece for myself because I've always loved bats. Did you know they're the only mammal that can fly? 


  • Materials: 14k gold, pearl, 12 diamonds (10 x .01ct, 2 x .0025ct = .105ctw). 
  • Age: contemporary. Handmade in NYC.
  • Size: bat is 11/16" wide, chain measures 18". 

((inspiration))Bats are powerful and tenacious little creatures. For many cultures, they represent death and rebirth, probably because they disappear into a cave every day and reappear every night. If the bat has crossed your path at important life events, or if the bat is your spirit animal, get ready for a rough f#cking ride. The bat instills fear in people for a good reason, and it's not about their teeth. They carry messages of fear, suffering, trial, initiation, and challenge. Over the past decade, bats have visited me at numerous times of difficult transition, so she has become my warrior symbol.