Georgian Hinged Mourning Ring for John Crabtree

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A rare and unusual Georgian mourning ring commissioned in memory of John Crabtree, who died on December 28, 1796. Modeled in 18k gold with black and white enamel, the oval face of the ring features the deceased's initials "JC". True to the style of mourning rings from this period, the band features his full name and death details, but completely atypically, there is a hinge at the back which allows the ring fold open. Perhaps the mourner who wore this ring had pronounced knuckles or even arthritis. Or maybe the ring was worn over a glove? A small peg on the band can be inserted into one of two notches on the underside of the head which makes the size adjustable. The ring can be worn as a size 9 or a slightly roomier size 10.5.