Gilded Age Diamond Solitaire

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((about))This perfectly elegant engagement ring was inspired by the Gilded Age, a period in American history that was characterized by rapid industrialization and streamlined style.   For our ring's gold setting, we borrowed some of the stylistic elements from the Gilded Age - clean straight lines, a hint of milgrain - and added an antique .40 carat old European cut diamond that would have been a popular cut at this point in history.  The low, flat profile is a modern improvement designed for maximum comfort; we've created this ring for a women who will likely be working with her hands.    


  • Age: contemporary.  Made by hand in New York City.  
  • Materials: .40 carat antique old European cut diamond, 14k gold setting.  
  • Lead Time/ Terms of Sale: Please allow 6 weeks for us to build this ring to your exact specifications. While it can be resized in the future (for an additional fee of $90), it is considered a special custom order and therefore is FINAL SALE. It is non-returnable and not eligible for exchange. 


During the "Gilded Age", from the 1870's to about 1900, John Singer Sargent painted his masterpiece "Madame X", electric lighting was invented, and with the expansion of the transcontinental railroad, you could now travel from New York to San Francisco in six days, where previously the journey had taken six months.  10 million immigrants arrived in the USA, labor unions put more power in the hands of the working man (and woman),  and the wealthiest families in New York (the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Carnegies) built spectacular mansions.