Handclasp Charm Base Necklace

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((about))After a lengthy design process, we've developed an elegant, easy-to-customize base necklace for your collection of charms. Load up the XL spring ring with your pendants, then clasp it to the hand's connecting closure hidden in the palm. The delicately carved hand is set with a vintage diamond "ring" on the pinky, in case you want your jewelry wearing jewelry. (Of course you do.) This necklace looks great alone, too, with no charms added. A silver version of this necklace is in our EWJewelry collection; see it here


  • Materials: 14k gold hand, 14k chain and clasp, 2mm white diamond (approx. .01ct). Charms shown in detail photo are NOT included with this necklace. "ERICA WEINER" 14k gold oval tag is included but can be removed if you wish.
  • Age: new. Handmade in NYC. 
  • Size: 20" total necklace length, including clasps. Chain is 2.3mm in thickness. Hand is 20mm at widest point. Spring ring is 27mm wide. 

((inspiration))This necklace was inspired by Georgian-era chains - bracelets and necklaces - where the clasp is shaped like a woman's hand. Often this hand-clasp is wearing some kind of gem-studded bracelet or ring. Always, these antique pieces are hard to find and extraordinarily expensive. For more than a year, Lucy and I worked together to build a piece that works reliably (durability is always an issue with old hand-clasps) and looks great with a simple gold base chain. We scrapped the first three prototypes and almost gave up on this project, but then, success! It all came together when we decided to move the closure mechanism from the hand itself to a jumbo spring ring. Everything hangs just right, and a pile of charms doesn't throw off the balance of the piece.