Late 18th Century "Gods Blessing Be" Posy Ring

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Posy rings, often used as betrothal rings, were engraved inside with hopeful, loving, or reverent messages that were thought to be amplified when in contact with the wearer's skin. Here, the word "blessing" looks more like "blefsing" - this uncrossed "f" is a letter called the medial S, also known as the long S, which was a second form of the lowercase letter S. This old-fashioned letter has a long history: it's derived from the Roman cursive S and it survived as the Old English S. It died out in the 1800s after this ring was made. Use it for your own wedding blefsing. 

engraved "Gods blessing be on thee & me"

ES makers mark.

MATERIALS: 18k gold (tests)

AGE: c. 1780

SIZE: size 10.75, resizing possible but not recommended; 4.4mm shank