Late 18th Century Table Cut Diamond Ring

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This ring was made and worn right after the American Revolution had been fought. As a country, the United States was beginning to optimistically plan for a democratic society. Back in England (where our ring was) the industrial revolution was churning and the British empire was expanding. Earlier in the 1700s diamonds had been discovered in Brazil - before that, they had only been found in India. Our stone may have come from either place. It's a table cut, one of the simplest modifications that can be made to a diamond. The naturally occurring octahedron shape has it's top point cut off, like a table. Early, rare, outstanding. 

MATERIALS: 18k gold (tests), silver, 4.7mm x 4mm table cut diamond

AGE: c. 1780

SIZE: size 4.75, can be slightly resized; 5.5mm head, 1.5mm shank