Princess Stephanie 1814 Commemorative Swivel Ring

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dated 1814, 14k gold (tests), size 6.25, cannot be resized; 9.9mm head, 3mm shank

Princess Stephanie de Beauharnais (1789-1860) was the adopted daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte who, through marriage to Karl, Grand Duke of Baden, became the Grand Duchess of Baden. Born in Versailles at the start of the French Revolution, she was the daughter of Claude de Beauharnais, 2nd Count des Roches-Baritaud.  A child relative of his then wife Joséphine, Napoleon adopted her and raised her to imperial majesty, as he was without a legitimate heir during this time. Later Napoleon arranged a marriage between Stephanie and the Crown Prince of Baden, Charles Louis Frederic in 1806, in order to secure an alliance between the 2 dynasties. The marriage was celebrated with great fanfare, though it was a strategic marriage only and not born of love.

One side of the 15K swivel shows the Duchess in profile, while the other side reads "Stephanie FV 1814". The FV stands for Filia Verum, or "True Daughter" which accurately describes Napoleon's sentiment towards Stephanie. It is dated 1814, the year Napoleon abdicated the throne and went into exile.

The inscription on our ring appears to be based on the Book of Job which reads "the blessing of him who was about to perish came upon me", whereas the inscription on our ring reads, "And the blessing of him who who about to perish came upon you", referring to Napoleon's blessing of his adoptive daughter and his supporters' hopes that she would continue his legacy. A truly rare and one of a kind historic ring.

Stephanie's jewels went on sale at Christie's in 2021