Secret Message Acrostic Bracelet

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Please allow 3-4 weeks to make and ship your bracelet. Intimate, colorful, and encoded acrostic jewelry first appeared in the early 1800's. Each letter of the alphabet was made to correspond with a different precious gemstone, and the so-called "secret language of gems" was born. For example, a Victorian favorite combo, "DEAREST", would be "spelled" this way: Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Turquoise. Get it? Our acrostic bracelet is a completely personal way to celebrate an important event, express a sentiment, or wear a loved one's name. Customize yours using our interactive stone-picker - we won't tell a soul what it says. We make your bracelet length to order!      


  • Age: contemporary. Made by hand in New York City. Each piece is entirely customizable, unique, and built to order.
  • Measurements: the settings are 2.1mm wide, total length is up to you! 
  • Materials: solid 14k yellow gold and 2mm gemstones. The gems are either faceted or en cabochon: 

A - amethyst, faceted 
B - blue topaz, faceted 
C - citrine, faceted 
D - diamond, faceted 
E - emerald, faceted 
F - feldspar, cabochon 
G - garnet, faceted 
H - hematite, faceted  
I - iolite, faceted 
J - jade, cabochon 
K - kunzite, faceted 
L - lapis lazuli, cabochon 
M - moonstone, cabochon 
N - nacre, cabochon 
O - opal, cabochon 
P - peridot, faceted 
Q - quartz (rose), cabochon 
R - ruby, faceted 
S - sapphire, faceted 
T - turquoise, cabochon 
U - uvite, faceted 
V - verdelite, cabochon 
W - white sapphire, faceted 
X - xonolite, cabochon 
Y - yellow sapphire, faceted 
Z - zircon (blue), faceted 


Marie Antoinette's jeweler, Jean-Baptiste Mellerio, kicked off the acrostic jewelry trend by using gemstones to spell out "J'ADORE", and the French court went wild. Napoleon Bonaparte famously commissioned acrostic jewels for himself, Josephine, and other family members. In the Victorian era, "REGARD" and "ADORE" were popular sparkly sentiments, but more personal - and even sexy - terms of endearment were sometimes specially made. Later in history political views were expressed through the language of gems: "REPEAL" and "SUFFRAGE" pieces are extremely rare and collectible.