Snake Threader (14k Yellow Gold)

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((about))There are many ways you can wear this forked-tongue, diamond-studded snake earring; thread it from front to back, from back to front, or tie him in a knot. Really, though, he's at his best when he's maneuvering through multiple piercings. I spiral him through two holes like a corkscrew. You can also thread him from the back, over your lobe, and back through, so his head and tail hang down from behind.  With tiny scales on the underside and a fierce look on his face, this snakey looks good from all angles.  The threaders are sold singly.   


  • Made by hand in our Brooklyn studio.
  • Materials: 14k gold set with a .01 carat diamond
  • Measurements: snakey is just under 3 1/2 inches long from tongue to tail.