Victorian Carnelian Concealed Key Ring

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((about))Since the days of Ancient Rome, rings have been adapted to be not just decorative objects, but also useful ones. Sometimes they are also lockets (to hold poison as well as mementos), or they are watches, or as in the case of this ring, they are also keys. This dual use is both very clever, and also just plain good common sense. Since the ring is worn on the hand, the key remains as close to the owner as is possible and is always conveniently available when needed. This incredible, and rare Victorian piece holds a key that discreetly tucks into the head of the ring and is concealed by a hinged round carnelian locket. Beneath the key almost entirely hidden from view is a bloodstone slab - a nice detail. The key would have opened a small box used to hold jewelry, money, or other valuables. 


  • Materials: 18k yellow gold (tests), carnelian
  • Age: c. 1870
  • Condition: Very good - minor scruffs and surface wear commensurate with age and use
  • Size: 11, can be resized; 3.9mm shank, 3/8" rise off the finger, 5/8" diameter of head