Victorian Dead Bird Locket

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Hunting was a rich person's sport in 19th century England (and for the centuries before that, too). Up until this point, it would have been enough to just be wearing jewelry to signal how wealthy you were. By the 1880s, though, society was changing and all kinds of people - including the new middle class - could afford to wear some kind of gold locket. So showing off hunting-related symbolism? This could double down on your high status (or your desire to be high-status.) Here, a bird has just been shot (we think - strange position she's in, right?) We like dead things, so.  

bird is two tone gold.

MATERIALS: 14k gold (marked), new 14k gold chain

AGE: c. 1880

SIZE: 1 1/2" length including the bale, 1 1/4" x 1" locket, 18" chain