Victorian Faith, Hope & Charity Locket

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The three symbols of faith, hope and charity - a cross, anchor and heart - were a popular motif in later Victorian jewelry. The heart and cross might speak for themselves, but the anchor as a metaphor for "hope" might need some explaining. During the Napoleonic Wars, it became a relevant popular symbol at a time when seafaring meant that a loved one might never be seen again. Essentially, it meant "come back safely to me," not necessarily by ship, but in general. This Victorian era locket is made in buttery 20k gold with the emblems of faith, hope and charity - each embellished with a unique texture and pattern - rendered in relief. 

MATERIALS: 20k gold (marked), glass

AGE: c. 1880

CONDITION: Very good - minor surface wear commensurate with age and use; hallmarks are incomplete hallmarks but most likely are Irish

SIZE: 1 3/4" length including the bale, 1 3/8" x 1 1/8" locket