Victorian Father & Son Garter Mourning Locket

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History sleuths of instagram, can you help me find out more about this father & son? Someone who loved them commissioned this memorial locket. it says "Thomas Salter JPFLS FRCS died at Poole. Febr[y] 20th 1856 aged 70" and "John Morgan Salter BAMRCS Surgeon to HMS "Prince" died at Balaklava Nov[r] 14th 1854 aged 22". The circular belt motif symbolized everlasting love.

MATERIALS: 14k gold (tests), black enamel, glass lenses, hairwork, new 14k gold chain

AGE: c. 1860

CONDITION: Very good - minor loss to the enamel

SIZE: 1 1/4" length including the bale, 3/4" width, 18" chain