Victorian Gilt Silver Vesta Necklace

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Vesta cases like this one were used to carry short strike-anywhere matches. (One of the early manufacturers of these handy cases took their name from the goddess Vesta, Roman deity of fire and hearth.) In the 19th century, having matches handy was essential to light your stove, lantern, candles, etc. It was a part of life. Another part of life was strike-anywhere matches rubbing against each other in your pocket, lighting you on fire. A vesta case kept you from bursting into flames, and they looked cute in the process. This one is fashioned in gilt silver with British hallmarks on the interior that date it to the year 1856.

MATERIALS: gilt sterling silver (marked), matches, new 14k gold chain

AGE: London assay marks for 1856

CONDITION: Very good

SIZE: 1 3/8" length including the bale, 1" x 5/8" case, 18" chain