Victorian Gold Nugget Bracelet

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The Klondike Gold rush began in 1896 when local miners found shiny gold deposits in the remote Yukon region of Alaska. 100,000 prospectors traveled over miserable terrain to seek their fortune in the freezing mountains. Miners sifted through tons of silty dirt by hand, searching for gold nuggets that broke out of quartz deposits deep in the earth. This CHUNKY bracelet likely contains gold nuggets gleaned from those same eroded Klondike streams and riverbeds. Nugget specimens, each with their own unique and wonderful shape, are typically 75-85% pure gold, with other mineral content like silver and copper naturally mixed in. 

MATERIALS: 14k gold clasp and chain (tests), 10 gold nuggets

AGE: c. 1900

SIZE: 7 5/8" length, 5/8" at the widest point, 2 5/8" safety chain.