Victorian Jasper & Citrine Gavel Necklace

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“Gavel” comes from an Old English term “gafol” which meant “rent” or “tribute” given to landlords. Specifically, in Medieval England, if a person had no money to pay a land owner, the person could go to “land-court” and offer livestock or grain as payment. If the court found the items of equal value to the rent owed, a hammer strike sounded to show rent had been paid via the non-monetary item. Jasper and citrine, c. 1860. 

  • MATERIALS:  14k gold (tests), red jasper, citrine, new 14k gold chain
  • AGE: c. 1860
  • CONDITION: very good
  • SIZE:  1 3/4" length including the bale, 3/8" citrine gavel, 1 1/8" jasper handle, 18" chain