Victorian Lion Rampant Signet Ring

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Signet seal rings were traditionally engraved with a crest, motto, symbol or rebus unique to the owner. When pressed into hot wax, they formed images that sealed a letter and served as the owner's signature. Over the course of 19th century, the signet ring evolved from a functional piece of jewelry i.e. a family crest used to seal letters with wax, to a less formal piece of jewelry designed for everyday wear. This Victorian signet ring is fashioned in 18k yellow gold and dates to the mid to late 1800s. The ring was clearly well-loved and worn often, the wax seal - a demi lion rampant - has softened a bit along the edges. The lion rampant is employed in the crests of many families and is also featured on the royal banner of Scotland. 

MATERIALS: 18k gold (tests)

AGE: c. 1860

CONDITION: Very good - softening to the engraved design along the edges commensurate with age and use

SIZE: 7.5, can be resized; 11mm head, 3.2mm shank