Victorian Matched Jasper Collar/Bracelet Set

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These are informally known as "mother/daughter" bracelets. One of the pair is slightly larger in scale than the other (including the heart-shaped padlock clasp). They're clearly related, though, and you can combine them to make an absolutely stunning necklace. They're reversible(!) - one side has brecciated jasper cabochons (red) with decoratively engraved gold frames. Or choose to wear the brown/tan picture jasper side with plain frames. What an extraordinary way to celebrate a mother and daughter's bond. 

MATERIALS: 10k gold (tests), brecciated jasper cabochons (red), picture jasper cabochons (brown/tan)

AGE: c. 1880

SIZE: 7 1/4" bracelets, 1 3/8" and 1 1/2" heart padlocks, about 16" length assembled as a collar.