Victorian Mourning Locket Festoon

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A memory dump of loved ones, all carefully stored in meaningful matching (yet not matching) lockets. To be worn as a celebration. We don't know who they were, but their ghosts are gilded. 

  • MATERIALS: 14k gold chain and lockets (all test), enamel, seed pearls, glass, hair
  • AGE: c. 1880
  • CONDITION: Very good - some small losses to a few chain links, SW locket has some enamel loss and a little ding on the back side
  • SIZE: 17" length, lockets range from 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" length including the bale, swags hang about an inch down from the chain

    1 1/4" length with bale Oval plain with monogram ATD (?) cross engraved on the reverse with photos of a boy and a young man (hot!)

    1 1/2" length with bale Oval with monogram in relief EDF, back side is plain, photo of an older woman and a hair locket

    1 1/2" length with bale Oval locket with black and white enamel lilies of the valley, back side has black enamel garter with In Memoriam along the top and a cross at the center, hair locket

    1 3/8" length with bale Oval black enamel locket with seed pearl initials DS, plain back, hand colored photo of a woman with dark hair

    1 1/2" length with bale Oval locket with green and white enamel SW monogram in relief, photo of a young woman (visible dent on the back side)