Victorian Nicolo Onyx Foot Intaglio Ring

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This Victorian signet ring features an intaglio barefoot resting on what I think is an anchor (but I've asked around and I've gotten many differing opinions, could be initials or perhaps even a stirrup iron). This style of intaglio is known as nicolo - an in-the-know term for onyx cut with an ultra thin hazy white top layer. The mounting is fashioned in 14k gold, this ring was obviously well loved and worn often judging by the multiple repairs to the shoulders and shank.

  • MATERIALS: 14k gold (tests), onyx
  • AGE: c. 1860
  • CONDITION: Good - shank has been mended many times and relined (clearly a well loved ring)
  • SIZE: 6.25, can be resized safely from a size 5 to a size 8 for an additional $90; 12.5mm head, 1.5mm shank