Victorian "Occultus Non Extinctus" Memorial Ring

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MATERIALS: 18k gold (tests), nicolo onyx intaglio, 

AGE: c. 1840 with later added memorial dedication in 1857

SIZE: size 5.75, cannot be resized; 1/2" head, 1/8" shank.

The intaglio features the motto and crest of the Tytlers, an old, distinguished Scottish family. The sun's rays shine from behind a cloud, and we see the Latin words "Occultus non extinctus" within a circular belt, which of course symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and eternity. The motto translates to "Hidden, not extinguished". This signet ring was made around 1840 and was later engraved with the memorial details of Mary Elizabeth Tytler: "M. E. T. ob 14th Novr 1857".