Victorian Queen's Jubilee Ring

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This red, white and royal blue three-stone ring was almost definitely made to celebrate Queen Victoria's "jubilee" in either 1887 or 1897. A Royal Jubilee marks a significant milestone in a monarch’s reign, and each one is named after the period of time which has passed: a Silver Jubilee marks 25 years, Ruby is 40, Golden is 50, Diamond is 60, and Platinum is 70. It was rare for a ruler to be on the throne so long, but Queen Victoria was a tough old broad. She hosted lavish festivities on her Golden and Diamond Jubilees in 1887 and 1897 respectively. These included parades through London, royal banquets with visiting foreign monarchs and dignitaries, and firework displays. Sapphire, diamond and ruby echo the colors of the Union Jack. 

MATERIALS: 18k gold (tests), .32ct ruby, .65ct old mine cut diamond, .55ct sapphire

AGE: could be 1887 or 1897,

SIZE: size 6.5, can be resized; 6.3mm head, 2mm shank