Victorian Ruby & Diamond Shamrock Pencil Necklace

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This pencil fob probably once hung from a chatelaine, which is a now-obsolete accessory that women would attach to their dresses, belts, or necklaces to keep everyday objects at the ready. Ladies would hold all kinds of things on chatelaines: vinaigrettes for smelling salts, tiny sewing kits in silver containers, or some sort of writing implement like this neatly camouflaged gold pencil adorned with a ruby and diamond clover.

MATERIALS: 18k gold (marked) with base metal interior working components, 2 1.5mm rose cut diamonds, 1.5mm faceted ruby, new 14k gold chain

AGE: c. 1890

CONDITION: Very good

SIZE: 1 3/8" length closed, 2 1/2" length extended, 18" chain