Victorian Serpent & Heart Locket Collar

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Over the past several millennia, the snake has been used to represent many things: both good and evil, fertility, passion, and rebirth. The Victorians employed the image of the snake as a symbol of everlasting love. Serpentine jewelry was at the height of its popularity from about 1840 until the late 1860's; this stunning (and increasingly rare) necklace dates to that time. Made in yellow gold, the hand-forged sinuous chain connects to the enameled head set with pearls. Two garnets glow as the eyes, and pointy teeth fill the mouth. The original heart locket is attached and ready for your mementos.

MATERIALS: 14k gold (tests), pearls, 2 2.4mm garnets, glass

AGE: c. 1860

SIZE: 2 2.4mm garnets, glass, 14 1/2" length, 7/8" snake head, 3/8" heart locket.