Victorian "Souvenir from F.F." Silver Horseshoe Locket

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This thing is not a tiny charm. It's a huge-ass.... trophy? Did it hang from a ribbon, like a medal? The interior is lined with silk, and I can only imagine what it held. It was made in London in 1865; we know this by the lion hallmark and the bust of young Queen Victoria/the letter k. Lindsay loves researching hallmarks. She also loves me, and I love her. Did you know our pet name for each other is "Fifi"?  We've been affectionately calling each other Fifi for over a decade and can't remember how it began. Our emails to each other are always signed "FF". So "SOUVENIR OF FF" compelled us to take this piece home. It's also really, really cool. Inside it's engraved "Hill Calder & Clarke 29 Regent St London". Tally-ho. 

MATERIALS: sterling silver (marked), fabric (looks like grosgrain silk) lined interior

AGE: London hallmarks (lion passant, bust of young Victoria, k) for 1865

SIZE: 2 3/4" length including the bale, 2" width.