Victorian Taille d'Épargne Bracelet Set

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Taille d'Épargne is French for "saving cut" and refers to an enamel technique similar to champlevé in which fine lines are incised into metal and filled with enamel. Sometimes called black enamel tracery, taille d'épargne was popular in Europe in the 1850s but the trend didn't hit America until the 1860s, when this outstanding pair of bracelets were made. In near immaculate condition (the one small ding at the back of one bracelet can be seen in the photos), these ornate garnet motif bracelets come in their original box with the gold foil stamp "Black, Starr & Frost Successors to Ball, Black & Co." - a  venerable company founded in 1810 and the oldest continuously operating jewelry company in the United States.