Victorian Turquoise Pavé & Diamond Bombé Bracelet

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Turquoise is one of the most ancient gemstones, prized by the Aztecs, Ancient Egyptians, Native Americans for its perceived talismanic properties as well as its vibrant blue color. Queen Victoria was a lover of the gemstone and it's said that she gave a portrait ring encircled by turquoise cabochons to each of her ladies in waiting upon her marriage to Prince Albert. Royalty in general (and the Queen in particular) set the trends in the 19th century, so if Victoria was seen to be wearing and gifting jewelry featuring turquoise, those in society who could afford to emulate her tastes did so. Pavé turquoise was especially popular in the mid to late Victorian period and can be seen adorning every kind of jewelry from stick pins to elaborate snake necklaces. This c. 1870 bangle is fashioned in gold with a bombé face face studded in turquoise and a single rose cut diamond.