White Gold Peep Show Ring

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In 1859, the first micro-photographic lens was patented. It was called the Stanhope, and it was a HUGE fad in the Victorian era. The miniature lens was hidden inside all kinds of regular objects: pens, pipes, needle cases, thimbles... but the way to keep a precious secret close at hand (literally) was to stash it in in a ring.  At first glance, you wouldn't notice there's anything special about a Stanhope ring. That's a good thing, because you wouldn't want people to know what a perv you are. Hold the ring up to the light and peer through the curved glass: hello naked lady! We've spent years developing this ring, collaborating with one of America's last makers of micro-lens technology. Choose a pic from our vintage porn archive or supply your own. Alternative name for this ring: SEND NUDES.


  • Materials: glass lens, 14k gold.  
  • Age: new; handmade in NYC. Handle with care; do not submerge in water or wear in shower or while swimming. 
  • Photo requirements: You may choose a historic nude photo from our stock images (see thumbnails) or you can submit your own photograph, graphic, text, or artwork (color or B/W). Digital images should be in jpg. If the longest side of the image measures less than 2" the resolution should be in the range of 300-600dpi. Images that are larger than 2" are adequate at 150-300dpi. An image that is more than 8" in length is suitable at 72dpi. Selecting a high quality image that is clear and sharp is recommended. We will reach out to you with submission instructions after you place your ring order. 
  • Lead time: expect delivery to be 3-4 weeks from the time your artwork is approved and submitted. 
  • Size: the top of the oval signet measures 1/4" by 5/8" oval. It rises 3/8" off the finger. Teeny glass lens is 3mm wide and magnifies your photo image x 160.  


Since the dawn of time, people have been obsessed with sex. The earliest depiction of people doing it - that we know of - comes from near Bethlehem and was made about 11,000 years ago. It's a sexy stone sculpture. Any art form you can name, you can find with erotic subject matter. Pottery? Frescoes? Mosaics? Temple walls? Porn has been around for millennia. As technology evolved, so did the ways porn could be distributed. Early printing presses really helped get horny pics into the hands of horny people. Photography completely changed the game, and mass produced "French Postcards" - pics of naked ladies - circulated throughout the world in the 19th century. "Tijuana Bibles" - smutty comics - were popular in America in the 1920's. Porno mags, WW2 pinups, PornHub!  Over time, the delivery systems for erotica has changed, but people's appetite for sexy imagery remains the same.