WWI Gold for Iron "Anny" Ring

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The jewelry we call Berlin iron was produced as part of the gold-for-iron campaign that began in 1813. To fund the Prussian effort to repel the forces of Napoleon, citizens were urged to donate their gold to the state and were given a piece of lacquered iron jewelry in return. The drive was so successful that the Prussian war chests were filled but also the wearing of gold jewelry became a social faux pas - unseemly and unpatriotic. As a result, Berlin iron jewelry became very fashionable and high street jewelers began to retail the distinctive black jewelry to satisfy demand for the style. (Of course lots of people just hid their gold 'till the war was over.) The campaign was revived during the first world war with less success. This piece is from that German campaign, and is lined with gold (perhaps after the war?) so as not to tarnish the finger. "ANNY" is engraved within. 

MATERIALS: 14k gold lining (tests), iron

AGE: c. 1914

SIZE: size 8.25, cannot be resized; 7mm head, 4.9mm shank.